Helping Anna Excel with Project Accelerate


While the Girls Inc. Project Accelerate just began this March, we are already seeing the impact of our new College and Career Readiness Coordinator, Nichole Morris. Anna’s story shows the importance of this program to our high school graduates as they transition to college.

Anna is a long time Girls Inc. girl and a recent high school graduate. As she recently began to navigate the transition from high school to college, joining Project Accelerate was the perfect way to continue empowering her journey.

Since last month’s graduation, Nichole has worked with Anna and other rising college freshmen to find and apply for scholarships. She also helped Anna develop her resume to fully showcase her extensive volunteer and leadership experience.

With Nichole’s support throughout the application process, Anna was recently admitted to UAB Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program (LSAMP)! Designed to improve education & research experiences for students of underrepresented or minority backgrounds, LSAMP will help Anna achieve her dream of majoring in Mathematics. Congratulations, Anna! 

Anna’s success is just one example of Project Accelerate’s impact. The program aims to accelerate girls’ futures by providing opportunities for career development, academic development, and social-emotional development. Nichole facilitates this through a combination of one-on-one support, workshops, and creating opportunities through local connections such as mentorships & internships. She says, “Helping others achieve equitable access to a high quality education as well as opportunities for employment is something I am passionate about.” 

Project Accelerate aims to provide the necessary skills for every girl to be successful in the development of their careers as well as educational paths. Though the program is still in its early stages, we are already so proud to see how girls like Anna have been positively impacted! We can’t wait to see how Nichole & her program will continue to build the next generation of leaders.

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