Teen Cuisine inspires girls to make strong choices


Teen Cuisine, a 6-week nutritional education and cooking program taught through Girls Inc. Clubs, truly puts the strong in “strong, smart, and bold.”

Throughout the program, middle school girls from our Wilkerson Middle School and Shelby County Girls Inc. Clubs learned basic food preparation, kitchen safety, how to make healthy snacks, and the importance of physical activity.

This program was conducted by Ms. Cotia Bolton, EFNEP Educator of the Jefferson County Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University. We truly appreciate this partnership for presenting such a wonderful educational program for our girls. Many of the girls signed up for the program because they had an interest in cooking and wanted to learn how to choose healthier foods. After completing the program, girls had a new understanding of how to grow stronger through healthy nutrition and physical exercise.

For participating in the program, girls received a Certificate of Completion, a walking pedometer, an insulated lunch box, a copy of ChopChop magazine, and a healthy recipe booklet. Girls were also entered into a drawing for a Girls Inc. kitchen apron and $50 Visa gift card. Ms. Jaylyn W., a 5th grader at Calera Intermediate was the winner. Jaylyn was thrilled she won and said, “I enjoyed how Teen Cuisine teaches girls how to be healthy and have a proper diet!”

Jaylyn is a 5th grader at Calera Intermediate and is a member of the Shelby County Girls Inc. Club. She says that she loves being a part of the Girls Inc Club because “this program gives girls an opportunity to understand how to deal with things that life throws at them. It also helps to teach us how to love ourselves no matter what.” When asked what it means to be strong, smart and bold, Jaylyn replied, “Being strong, smart and bold means being a leader. It also means using your mind and talent for good things, like helping others.”

Not only is this young lady strong, smart and bold, she also has big dreams. Jaylyn’s dream is to become an Interior Designer. “I really enjoy organizing things and making a room look good. I especially love a good makeover!”

When asked what piece of advice she would give to other girls, Jaylyn replied, “Follow your heart, embrace yourself and always go for it!!” We couldn’t agree more. Jaylyn, thank you for being a shining example of a Girls Inc. girl!