Girls Inc. of Central Alabama’s Hispanic Initiative provides research-based programming including preventing adolescent pregnancy programs, self-esteem workshops, violence prevention sessions, HIV/ AIDS awareness workshops, drug abuse prevention sessions, and encourages positive communication with parents and children.

The following programs are available in both Spanish and English:


  • Kid-Ability!® (Youth, Grades K-4) Teaches students to stay safe by learning to identify unsafe situations, good vs. bad touches, and what to do if approached by strangers.
  • Informed Together® (Girls, Grades 4-5) Increases positive communication between parents and daughters about values related to health and sexuality.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention (Youth, Grades 3-12) Examines the dangers of alcohol, tobacco & drugs.
  • Steps to Respect® (Youth, Grades 4-6) Includes discussions on making friends, how to recognize bullying and what to do if bullied.
  • Taking Care of Business®(Girls, Grades 9-12) Establishes values as a basis for decision-making related to sexual health and relationships.

The Hispanic Initiative programs are age appropriate, and culturally sensitive to the target population.


How do I sign up?

Contact Alejandra Ocampo at for more information!