Community Impact Programs are offered to community organizations and local schools upon request. 


Research-based curriculum includes:

  • Informed and In Charge® (Girls, Grades 7-8)
    • Establishes healthy relationships and develops critical thinking skills and effective decision-making
  • Taking Care of Business®(Girls, Grades 9-12)
    • Establishes values as a basis for decision-making related to sexual health and relationships.*
  • Babies Are Basically Your Responsibility (BABY“R”) (Youth,Grades 7-12)
    • Examines the physical, emotional, and financial aspects of parenthood through the use of infant simulators and educational activities.
  • Informed Together® (Girls, Grades 4-5)
    • Increases positive communication between parents and daughters about values related to health and sexuality.*
  • Girl Talk I/II (Girls, Grades 4-8)
    • Provides information related to puberty, reproductive health, & personal hygiene.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention (Youth, Grades 3-12)
    • Examines the dangers of alcohol, tobacco & drugs.*
  • Mind & Body
    • Workshops on Stress Management, Body Image, Nutrition and Fitness, and HIV/AIDS Awareness.
  • Kid-Ability!® (Youth, Grades K-4)
    • Teaches students to stay safe by learning to identify unsafe situations, good vs. bad touches, and what to do if approached by strangers.*
  • Positive Adolescent Choices Training® (PACT) (Youth, Grades 7-12)
    • Provides violence education and anger management information.
  • DOVE® Self Esteem® (Youth, Grades 6-12)
    • Promotes higher self-esteem.
  • Steps to Respect® (Youth, Grades 4-6)
    • Includes discussions on making friends, how to recognize bullying and what to do if bullied.*
  • Love Is Not Abuse®
    • A teen dating violence workshop that introduces warning signs of abusive relationships.
  • Mean Girls (Girls, Grades 5-12)
    • Teaches character education through seven types of mean girl behaviors and ways to successfully manage conflicting situations without fighting or hurting others.
  • Job Readiness® (Youth, Grades 11–12)
    • Teaches teens essential job skills and the development of good work ethics.

*available in Spanish and English

How do I sign up?

Reach out to our Community Impact Coordinator, Christen Craig, at!