Powerful Girls In An Equitable Society: International Day of the Girl 2022


At Girls Inc., we celebrate the power and potential of girls every day. Next Tuesday, the celebration continues on a broader scale with International Day of the Girl – a unique opportunity to further lift up the value of girls’ contributions and the importance of supporting their success along with the rest of the world.

As the world gathers on October 11th to recognize the value of girls, we’re highlighting our vision for the future: Powerful Girls in an Equitable Society. 

Girls are innately powerful, and they are the strong, smart, and bold leaders our future needs. In working together with girls, we seek to create experiences to help girls tap into their inherent power and personal strength. We know that when girls are given the right tools and opportunities, not only do they change their circumstances, they change the world.

At Girls Inc., we provide evidence-based programming that helps build a stronger, more informed, and bolder generation of change agents who will demand positive changes for themselves and their communities. According to the 2020 AIR study, this impact is already happening — Girls Inc. girls are more likely than other girls to see themselves as leaders, with the skills and capabilities of influencing and improving their local communities.

These powerful girls will reshape their relationships and workplaces, and advance equity and justice for all. Tomorrow’s equitable society will be led by the leaders and advocates that Girls Inc. is building today.

We invite you to join us in celebrating International Day of the Girl by sharing this message! Stay tuned to our social media on October 11th, and join in the conversation by commenting or sharing posts with friends. 

When you use the power of your platform to share our vision of powerful girls in an equitable society, you’re inspiring the world to embrace the value of girls!

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