Full Circle: Growing Up with Girls Inc.


Ever wondered how Girls Inc. impacts girls’ journeys throughout their lives? As girls grow into adulthood, the lessons and experiences of Girls Inc. stays with them. One such woman is Amy Strickland — our Eureka! Program Manager who graduated from the program herself as a girl.

Hear her story:

“My journey to becoming the Eureka! Program Manager at Girls Inc. Of Central AL did not just begin on March 15, 2021.  It started about 17 years ago when I was just a quiet, smart preteen who was heavier than most girls her age but had dreams bigger that anything.”

Eureka! is a program that broadens girls’ future academic and career interests, encourages enrollment in advanced math and science courses, promotes positive risk-taking, and assists girls in developing networks of peers and mentors to support their future endeavors. As a proud graduate of the program herself, Amy says that she “knew that this would be the perfect career when the opportunity presented itself all of these years later.”

Amy was reunited with Girls Inc. in the summer of 2015, when she completed her graduate school internship through our Community Impact department. “The next semester, I was offered a position as a Contract Educator where I had the opportunity to go into the Birmingham City and Jefferson County Schools to facilitate different curriculums,” she says.

After receiving her Masters’ degree, Amy says she kept her fingers crossed that a full-time position would open up. The opportunity came a few years later in the form of the Eureka! Program Manager position.

Since March of 2021, Amy has worked hard every day to ensure the success of the Eureka! Program. Today, both the program and the participants are thriving. She says, “I adore the girls and couldn’t imagine waking up and not pushing them to be “STRONG, SMART, & BOLD.”

In reflecting on her own experience, Amy shares,

“What I stress to my girls is that they don’t know where their opportunities may come and that they must always be prepared to take chances and be open to endless possibilities. The Girls Inc. Difference for me has been to see myself now as this confident, powerful, and positive woman who did not let self-esteem or fear get in the way of her being able to impact other young girls. 

It was the outside adventures, trying new things, and being encouraged to push beyond my comfort zone in the Eureka! Program that led me to this point.  It was my love for Math and Science that made me realize that I wanted to one day inspire and touch the lives of our future, but never could I have imagined I’d be back here.  Life truly comes full circle, and I’m so happy that the path led me back here to Girls Inc.”

Amy, we are truly so grateful for your kind heart, dedicated spirit, and incredible work. As Girls Inc. has made a difference in your life, you make a difference for Girls Inc. girls every single day.

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