Accelerating Girls’ Confidence in Education


When girls come to the Crestwood Center, our goal is to provide the experiences they need to become their strongest, smartest, and boldest selves. One way we do that is through the Center’s tutoring program, Accelerating Confidence in Education. Known as A.C.E, the program pairs girls with a volunteer mentor with whom they meet each week. “The ACE program allows us to take tutoring to the next level,” says Center Director Jalencia Moultrie.

Each week, mentors and mentees spend quality time together while developing strategies and skills to increase each student’s confidence in education. One particularly well-matched mentorship duo consists of retired teacher Susan Vines and her mentee, Shylah. 

Susan says, “To my delight, I have been partnered with a very smart 8-yr. old named Shylah. During our first meeting, I found out that she loves dogs, and we find opportunities to bond over our mutual love for dogs each session. We have read and discussed several books that have a dog theme, and she truly enjoys it! Shylah is a joy to work with every week, and I feel privileged to play a small role in her academic journey.” 

This kind of academic support is particularly important for elementary school students like Shylah, whose academic career could be impacted by the Alabama Literacy Act coming into effect. The bill was passed in 2019, but it’s this upcoming school year (2023-2024) when schools will officially start holding back third graders who don’t meet reading benchmarks. 

Luckily, Mrs. Susan specialized in reading intervention and was happy to lend her expertise! She says, “As someone who wants all people to be successful readers – and enjoy reading – I wanted to see if I could help any of the girls at Girls Inc. of Central Alabama.” 

At Girls Inc., we strive to equip girls with the tools to lead healthy, educated, and independent lives. This effort couldn’t be possible without dedicated volunteer mentors like Mrs. Susan, and we are truly grateful. Thank you for helping us build the next generation of leaders!

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